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4th Polish Street Festival & 5K Trail Run in Martinez

5K Trail Run / Walk

On Saturday, September 13th East Bay Polish American Association or the fourth time organized a Polish Street Festival in Martinez.

The day was initiated by 5K trail run / walk.

There was delicious Polish cuisine, prepared in grandma’s style by real Polish cooks. You could sip this delicious home made food with known Okocim beer.

On the stage could be seen artists from all age groups. There were children's dancers from Polish school and folk dance assembly Lowiczanie. The air was filled with lively sounds of the accordion. For shared singing accompanied Maciek Danek and Kuzyni band.

There was fun for all ages including youngest participants.

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We would love to share some photos with you, to remind you this amazing day. To download picture from gallery, click on the pointing down arrow, located on the bottom right corner of the screen.
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Special thanks to our friend jarzyn.com who photographed us when we played in "Kuzyni" band.

Polish Street Festival

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