These are the times that every image lives just a moment. You snap a picture, post it on FB, snapchat or instagram. That photo has its moment, but a while later it is overshadowed by a new hot topic and becomes the past.

Printed photo gains immortality. It can hang on the wall and fill the room with a silent presence of your loved ones. It can live with other carefully picked images in the treasured album and tell an amazing story of the special day to your kids, grandkids and everyone who you care about.

Wedding is a new chapter in the book of life, a beginning of the new familly. Your memories of this unique celebration deserve to be cherished, preserved, and passed on. That is why we offer one of the best in the world, handcrafted albums made by world-renowned Italian bookmaker - GraphiStudio.

Italian wedding album in the box
opened Italian wedding album laying on the black cloud leatherette box

We love beauty of simplicity, and therefore we are focused on clean, classic look. Each layout is fresh, created by us from scratch. Each picture is carefully picked as a part of a larger whole. Each album is truly one of a kind, just as each marriage is.

To make your life easier, we pre-design the album for you. The flow of the book corresponds with the flow of the wedding day.
Our experience shows that 15 spreads is an absolut minimum to tell the whole story of your wedding, for example:
1) dress, ring, shoes, etc.,
2) bride preparation,
3) groom preparation,
4) first look,
5) walking down the aisle,
6) rings exchange,
7) kiss + exit,
8) formals,
9) bride & groom,
10) reception details + entrance,
11) wedding toasts,
12) first dance,
13) cake cutting,
14) bouquet and garter toss,
15) night shot / sparkler exit.

That is why 30 pages is a starting point for the album. We usually create more spreads to give you a freedom of choice. You can remove or add additional pages to your book.
4 pictures spread layout of wedding album
2 pictures spread layout of wedding album
More details

With GrapiStudio almost everything is customizable. In addition to the wide range of materials, it is possible to use an image of your choice on the cover and / or on the internal of the box. Our clients especially love the crystal glance cover, which gives an album a really fancy look.

cork wedding album box with Mr. & Mrs. ins
Italian wedding album with crystal glance cover
corner of Italian wedding album in the box
side view of Italian wedding album
corner of Italian wedding album
Parent books

If you are a sharing person, in addition to the primary album you can order the smaller copies, and surprise your parents or bridal party.

set of parent and pocket books
side view of the set of parent books
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