The San Francisco Bay Trail

Day 1 - The Beginning

We finally did it. On Valentine's weekend, equipped with red bull, two bottles of water and two crepes, armed with iPhone, we started to travel around the shoreline of San Francisco Bay. After a few miles of pedaling on the nearest to our home Alameda Creek Regional Trail...
bike on alameda creek regional trail

... we saw a green sign of "San Francisco Bay Trail".
san francisco bay trail

During the trip we had a lot of fun checking the capabilities of not-so-stupid-phone and Gorka's super power.
biker on the san francisco bay trail

Sometimes we had to stop to catch our breath...
biker on shoreline trail

... or simply to replenish fluids.
red bull on trail

All our hardships were rewarded with the beautiful views.
don edwards refuge

Next time we will probably take a real camera.

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