I always had an artistic soul. As a young man I fell in love with a videography, and I wanted to go to Film School and be a cinematographer. However, I ended up studying music and became a music teacher.

While at University, I met my future wife. Gorka was already a photographer, and encouraged me to invest in my first camera. I began shooting the special events in the lives of my friends and family. Moments in life that needed to be captured and turned into fond memories.

With many referrals, photography was no longer just a hobby, it has become my career.

Marek, Fremont wedding photographer, male portrait

I fell in love with photography at an early age. Once I snapped my first photo, I knew that I will never put the camera down.

The passion and thirst for knowledge pushed me to join the photography club. There I have learned to respect every single frame. I loved to spend the nights in the club's darkroom, and always dreamed about having one at my home. Even now, when I have mastered digital post-production, I still miss the smell of the developing chemicals.

There was a time when I was involved with the nature photography association. While studying at Technical University (Yes, trust me, I'm an engineer!), I had an affair with editorial photography, working for a few newspapers.

My biggest weakness is that I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. I am extra critical of my own work and I like to deliver an exceptional product, which is usually time-consuming.

Gorka, Fremont wedding photographer, female portrait

We know that capturing an image is a lot more than just the click of a button. We see things differently, through the light and through the heart. We are easy to work with and bring smiles to any moment, even the ones that do not go according to plan.

Although wedding photography is not only a job, it is more a life-style, we try to be active besides the work, and always find time for our crazy friends. We support our community and volunteer at many Polish events (WOSP San Francisco - Grand Finle 2019). What do we do for fun? We play in Polish band "Kuzyni" (Marek - the ukulele, Gorka - the drum). In our spare time we enjoy riding bikes. There are still a lot of miles waiting for us around the Bay. We love to travel, so the destination weddings are very welcome. Check out our Florida trip.

We can drink coffee all day long. Let's have a cup together and chat. Do not be a stranger, keep in touch.
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