Engagement Photography

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There are a few reasons why is good to have an engagement session. All of them are equally important.

Reason #1
Did you know, that on the wedding day you will probably spend more time with your photographer than with anybody else? It’s much easier to work with the person you already know. During the session we have a chance to get to know each other. The relaxed environment helps to build friendly relationship and trust. In effect, what results is even better photography on your wedding day.

Reason #2
Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. During the engagement session the shy can get used to being a model. We share our knowledge about how to look even better on photographs. But the most important is that we always have a great fun with a lot of cuddling, kissing and laughing.

Reason #3
The images made during the engagement session can be used for save-the-dates. As well as they can help you decorate the wedding venue. You can use them to prepare the unique table numbers or to design a beautiful guest book. You can pick your favorite one and produce a wedding poster that will welcome your guests.

Reason #4
Since the wedding day is usually busy, and there is not much time for travel, engagement session gives you a great opportunity for the amazing shots at the location, that is especially important for you as a couple. It can be also a perfect time to capture your love during activity you both enjoy.
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